What to Look for When Choosing a Charlotte Neighborhood

What to Look for When Choosing a Charlotte Neighborhood

  • The Laws Collective
  • 11/13/22

Are you considering relocating you or your family to the Charlotte area? You’re in luck! Charlotte is a family-friendly city with a vibrant culture. Sports, performing arts, outdoor adventures, culture, and various festivals make Charlotte an exciting place to call home.

Making a move with the whole family can be an entirely different experience than moving as a young professional or even as a couple without children, and it requires some special considerations. Here are some tips to ensure your new neighborhood is the right fit.

What neighborhood vibe suits your lifestyle?

Eclectic urban community

Plaza Midwood is a confluence of hip, self-expressive diversity right in the heart of Charlotte. Upscale boutique shops commingle with vintage stores and lively craft breweries. Local artists sell their wares, and live music venues abound. Take the kids (and your four-legged family members) for a romp at Veterans Memorial Park and relax on a bench while the kids play in the splash pad or on the newly renovated playground. Most of Plaza Midwood is walkable, and you’ll never be far from tasty options to suit every palate.

Historic picturesque neighborhood

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The oldest of the Charlotte suburbs, Dilworth, is a popular destination for dining, shopping, and people-watching. Businesses are close to one another, thus earning Dilworth real estate the honor of being the most walkable community in Charlotte. It is also recognized on the historic register, so the nod to days gone by is unmistakable in the architecture and neighborhood feel. Various options are available in Dilworth real estate, whether a luxury condo, a cozy bungalow, or a luxurious estate home. For family fun in this neighborhood, residents turn to Freedom Park and Discovery Nature Place for hands-on exploration of the natural world.

Family-friendly traditional suburb

The conveniences of contemporary suburban life will be yours when you purchase Cotswold real estate. This suburb features a shopping mall, grocery stores, many familiar and popular franchises and chain stores, and an extensive collection of unique restaurants and coffee shops. It’s also a great, convenient location with easy access to Center City, Southpark, and the highway.

Will your children be able to get an excellent education?

One of the essential tools we can provide to help our children succeed in life is an excellent education. Therefore, in relocation, it is vital that the quality of schools in the new neighborhood not be overlooked. Schools are evaluated and scored on various criteria by objective assessment, and the insight provided will inform your decision. Make sure to research the student test scores and school ratings.

If possible, pay a visit to any schools you are considering. Be a keen observer of every aspect of the school and prepare a list of relevant questions.
  • Are the facilities well-equipped and in good condition?
  • What beliefs about children and education inform the school’s approach to learning?
  • How are discipline issues resolved?
  • Is there a PTA/PTO, and is it active?
  • Does the school expect great things from the students and equip them for success?
  • What is the student/teacher ratio?
  • What extracurricular and elective opportunities do the students have?
When you have gathered data from the schools you’re interested in, remember to consider the most important question that only a parent can answer—is this school where my child can thrive?

Will you truly LIVE here?

If you’re moving to Charlotte, you likely have a specific reason for being there. Is it a job? Family? Education? Other considerations? Whatever is bringing you to the city is a fixed point.  Consider proximity to your fixed-point when seeking a new home. Neither you nor your family will enjoy spending all of your days in traffic, commuting to one side of town for work, another for sports practice, and another for recreation. All of those commuter miles are lost time with family, hobbies, and relaxation. Contain your search for a new home within a reasonable distance of the many facets of your life and your kids' lives.

Think about the places that are a part of your life now. Dentists, pediatricians, libraries, playgrounds, pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, gyms, and extracurricular activities will all have to be replaced when you move. What places do you need to access easily? Ensure that the neighborhoods you are considering can provide each resource.

Careful research will help give you a general idea of where to begin your hunt for a new home in Charlotte, but to get a feel for the community, it’s best to plan a home-hunting trip and spend some time in each neighborhood you are considering. And bring the whole family! The move will improve for everyone if they are engaged in the process.

When you’re ready to make that trip, let the neighborhood-knowledgeable agents at The Laws Collective help you find the right new home for you, whether that be in Plaza Midwood, Dilworth, or Cotswold. Contact The Laws Collective to find your next dream home in Charlotte!

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