What to Know Before Prepping Your Plaza Midwood Home

What to Know Before Prepping Your Plaza Midwood Home

  • The Laws Collective
  • 10/18/22

As the largest city in the state of North Carolina, Charlotte is a desirable place to live and work. It is an excellent home base for those in the finance industry, as Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the nation. Truist Financial, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo all have headquarters in the city.

Charlotte is a beautiful city, and one of its nicest neighborhoods is Plaza Midwood. There are many lovely homes here, and as the expert real estate team The Laws Collective knows, the Plaza Midwood real estate market favors sellers. A high demand for homes for sale in Plaza Midwood makes it an opportune time to place your home on the market in this desirable neighborhood. To sell quickly and at the best price, though, it is important to prep your house carefully.

1. Inspect and repair

The last thing you want is to have a motivated buyer interested in your home, only to have them discover a problem. It could be a leaky roof, plumbing or electrical issues, or a pest control problem like termites. This will surely drive down the price of the sale and may even scare the buyer off. Have your home thoroughly inspected by qualified professionals. Make necessary repairs and get rid of termites or other pests. A buyer who finds no surprise problems after their own inspection is a happy buyer. If you take this critical step, you will have a smoother sale and a higher final price on your Plaza Midwood real estate.

2. Have the house ready to move in

Although there are buyers who enjoy projects and fixer-uppers, most people love a turnkey house. The average home buyer wants to make the offer, get through closing, move in, and start living. That’s an attractive feature that you want in your Plaza Midwood real estate.

In addition to inspecting and repairing your home, there are other things you can do to make it move-in ready. Consider including the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and other appliances. Having a washer and dryer already installed is a big plus in a new house. If you have a grill and hot tub in the backyard, consider including them in the purchase as well. Touches like this increase the perceived value of your home, and a skilled team like The Laws Collective can get you a higher price.

3. Have a solid plan for selling

Selling a house is not like selling your old stereo or even a car. It requires careful planning, pricing, and a marketing strategy. Working with a skilled team, such as The Laws Collective, that knows the ins and outs of the Plaza Midwood real estate market is critical to a successful sale. You need to be informed of the current prices for similar homes in your area in order to set an asking price that is reasonable but won’t shortchange you. Advertising your home is essential. It takes more than a sign on the front lawn – you want to take advantage of the internet and digital media. Online marketing and exposure will reach many more potential buyers.

4. Renovate and update your home

Home decor styles change just as much as clothing styles do. Buyers are usually in tune with the latest trends and will look for these things. A majority of people looking for a home love hardwood floors. Their elegant, classic beauty is irresistible. If you have carpeting covering your flooring, consider having it pulled up and have the hardwood flooring refinished to restore its original beauty.

Kitchen styles change frequently, so installing some modern countertops is a great way to improve the appeal of your home. You can replace cabinets completely, but a change in hardware, and possibly painting existing cabinets, will save money and can make a big difference. Don’t forget backsplashes and lighting fixtures. New bathroom faucets, mirrors, and lighting can also help a home look fresh and modern. Even something as relatively straightforward as replacing or repainting your front door can make your home look more attractive and valuable to a potential buyer.

5. Hire a staging expert

No matter how much work you put into your home for sale, if it is not staged correctly, it won’t look as attractive to buyers. The right drapes, lighting, furniture, and other accessories are what really make a house feel like a home. Fresh paint is always a good idea. Choose colors that are appealing, neutral, and complement the other rooms. You want people who come to look at your home to imagine themselves living there. There are many details that can come together to help you sell your home for the best possible price. This is where a staging expert comes in handy. The Laws Collective team can help you find one.

6. Assist the buyer

There are things you can do to give the buyer a hand in being able to make the purchase. You could pick up some of the costs of closing or buy down the interest rate. In some cases, seller financing may be the key to a sale. Anything that you can do to help a buyer get the financing they need to afford to buy your home is a benefit to you and often worth the investment.

7. Hire an experienced real estate agent

While you can technically sell your home independently, that is usually not the best strategy. Everyone knows you need an expert – be it a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, or some other professional – to ensure things are done as efficiently as possible. The same is true in real estate. A team like The Laws Collective knows the market for Plaza Midwood real estate and has the experience to help you market and sell your home for more money in a shorter time. An agent will have lists of buyers and know what each is looking for. They can choose the ones who are most likely to want to buy your home. An agent is also invaluable in helping you get your home ready for sale, setting and negotiating prices, and staging and advertising. This is the best step you can take when planning to sell your home.

Plaza Midwood is a great neighborhood in the beautiful city of Charlotte. Taking the right steps to prepare your home for sale and make it attractive to prospective buyers will help you get the price you want and sell quickly. Contact The Laws Collective today to connect with an experienced agent who will help you with the sale of your home.

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